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With 4000+ happy and satisfied customers today and growing rapidly…

A team of skilled professionals started this venture with the thinking in mind that modern problems need modern solutions. in this shrinking world of modern technology, everyone is going digital in major cities, but what about small cities or towns, so we have come up with the idea of launching a delivery app focused on these small cities.

Inheriting from the success formulas of the marketing gurus we are continuously trying to make different solutions for different day-to-day issues, In today’s modern world “the time is of essence” and we believe that when you are busy with your productive tasks and It is impossible for you to waste time on petty issues or things, we will help you save your time and not so necessary run, with our on-time deliveries, we will do all that on your behalf.

The Scootin App can change the perspective of how you shop. We’re an app that allows you to explore the nearby area for deliveries or from your favorite shop too. Now you can shop groceries, Vegetables, sweets all in one place, pick up items from anywhere in the city and bring them to you or send them anywhere within the city from your location, All hassle free. Get grocery, vegetables, fruits ,medicine and everything else (Mmm…. Almost Everything) delivered at your doorstep. 

So don’t go anywhere.. We will scootin for you.